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Our Valued Partners

IFC Brokerage

IFC Brokerage is a full service Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance outlet. They strive to enhance the client experience by offering complete and unbiased service for risk management portfolios.

IFC Brokerage

Chris Curran College Funding

Christopher Curran is a college planning expert who helps parents and students understand and navigate the confusing and often frustrating process of selecting, applying and paying for college.

Chris Curran College Fuding

The Murray Firm

At the Murray Firm, we specialize in assisting families in planning to face some of the most difficult times in their lives.   We are a boutique law firm that prides ourselves on our professional and compassionate approach in helping families and individuals organize not only their financial and legal affairs but also navigate the maze of the healthcare system.  
The Murray Firm

Law Offices of Jeffrey Randolph, Esq.

Our go to resource for Business Owners and Genreal legal counsel.

Law Offices of Jeffrey Randolph

DeSena & Company, CPAs

We assist clients in a variety of ways, from bank financing to computer training and consulting. We are more than advisors; we are a resource our clients can rely upon over the long-term.

DeSena and Co

Property and Casualty Consultant Heather Johnson

A class act in guiding clients towards a complete solution for Property and Casualty coverage.

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